Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something new and fun!

Good Morning
I did not have time to post the last day or so -- my friend with 2 little girls across the circle (we live on a circle) had someone make them beds for their American Girl Dolls and she asked me Friday if I would make a simple doll blanket for the beds, OK so I got a little carried away....I thought it would be fun for the little girl to have a pillowcase to match the dolls. so here is the pillowcase.

Hers is the dolls pillow and matching pillowcase! I figured this out on my own and it is a great size for the doll.

Here is the quilt and the pillow on the bed. Now if you were a doll, wouldn't you want to take a nap here. I also made a little muslin mattress -- only with 2 layers of batting, but it makes it a bit softer for the doll. Hubby said it looks like a thin mattress, I had to remind him it is for a DOLL!

And here is the entire bedding package. The quilt and 3 little toss pillows for the beds.

The girls were thrilled with these. Oh and if you are asking about the second set...I did make 2 and I made them both the same so there would be no fighting about who's is who's.
So there you have it, that is what I have been doing the last 2 days.
I promised to show a picture of my other "Ugly" PInk block from the Stasthbusters group...here is it. I don't really think Pink is ugly....the one fabric with the grape leaves was questionable in my mind...but it is turning out nice so far. My favorite neice is going to have a little girl in March, so I think I will finish this and it will be a great Christmas gift for her.

I hope you are having a good day. Today we are having my friend Susan over for dinner, her hubby is traveling this week. So I am looking forward to that.

Then I have to get my project ready for the Friday night sew in , click on the link on the side. I think there are over 50 people involved so far. It should be fun.

Happy stitches


Sara said...

Love, love the bedding for the doll bed...how fun and sweet of you to make that for the little girls. And, I'll bet they love their own pillowcase to. I think our handmade pillowcases are much softer and nicer than the ones that come with linens..

Sandy said...

What darling bed ensembles for those little dollys!! I would have been so excited to receive something like that when I was little...you are a good neighbor!