Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Chilly This Morning

Good morning!
WOW - when I let the dogs out this morning it was -3 windchill - 18. Believe me that will get you moving in the morning!
I belong to the Yahoo Group Stashbusters and they have an Ugly Quilt challenge this year, use Pink fabric to make a block each month - well 2 blocks in Jan, Feb and March and then 1 block til Oct and then finish the quilt in Nov. I like pink --- so I don't really think this is ugly, but this block was a bit challenging. I don't know what happened to the picture of my other block, I will post that later. But here is the first one

I also belong to the Yahoo group Quilted Table Toppers and this was our Janaury project, I have 3 of these made, so quick and easy. They will make cute little gifts for friends this valentines day.

Since I am off this winter and seem to have a lot of time on my hands and I have been organizing like crazy, this is what I did one morning last week. I had 3 medium size containers of greeting cards, I had bought them at thrift shops, garage sales etc. So I went thru them and put them in stacks, birthday, blank note cards, thank you, valentines, Easter, etc... Then I dug out an expanding file folder and labled the tabs, then I went thru the cards and now I have 2 medium size boxes of misc cards and envelopes to sell at my garage sale and 1 very nice folder of cards, return address labels and cute little stickers. It will be so nice - that when I need a card I can easily take a card from my folder and mail it off, in the correct size envelope, a dream come true!!
Also a few of my friends are couponing -- we saw a lady Coupon Mom on the news, she does have a website too. Well yesterday, DH and I spent about 1 hour printing coupons and preparing out list! Well we are very happt to say, we save $74.32 on our grocery bill! We still spend $72 -- but that was a fabulous savings and we do have a freezer full of meat again. With the economy and both of us off in the winter that really helps us. Give it a try, we were amazed!
Well off to sew for today
Happy Stitches


Quilty bird said...

That candle mat is adorable! Great job!

Also, awesome job on the couponing!

Can I offer you a tiny suggestion on your blog? Your content is great, but it would be easier to read if you left a blank line between topics. Maybe my eyes are just getting old.

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

I don't think that pink "Ugly" block is all that ugly either! Hey, when you're done, maybe you could donate it (if you don't love it too much) to be auctioned off for breast cancer research or something since they always do that Quilt Pink theme. Just an idea! I'm on stashbusters too. Haha, I'm not much of a stashbuster since I am in the startup stages of a quilt shop! But it's fun to see what everyone says and they are a good resource. Cute blog!