Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fabulous Find at an Antique Shop

Good Morning
We were out and about yesterday running some errands, I pulled into a parking spot at one of our usual stops, but a few doors down from where we normally park and the sign said Barnyard Antiuqes, I told hubby to go to the normal place, I will check out this NEW store -- he told me Don't get lost -- apparently there have been times that I go into a store like this an spend what he considers to be a long time and then I am classified as "lost"
So I went in and was looking around and THERE IT WAS -- this adorable little quilt block! The price was $2 -- it is 12 inches and it is adorable! I am going to put setting triangles on it and make it a doll quilt. This is all hand done. It has 2 little places that need to be fixed and yes the stems don't all go under the flowers but that is the charm to it. What do you think, isn' it precious? Now here is the best part, I said to the owner as I was checking out, gee when did you open? Sit down for this....they said 7 YEARS AGO! And I thought they were new! Oopps! I will be checking them out again:)

Here is a picture of my Valentine Tree in the front hall.... I need to valentineize the whole house, but this is as far as I have gotten. It sure does brighten up the area with all the Christmas stuff packed away.

I got a kick out of one of the comments about going out after a foot of snow, I love to be out after a snow storm, really not many people out and I love to see the fresh snow on the farm fields, everything is so pristine and perfect looking. I know some people stay in, but even take a walk after you get a snow fall, you will see such beauty you have never seen before, it is magical. But you better dress warm!! I remember when we would go snowmobiling, everyone was so far ahead of me, but I just poked along and was amazed at the scenery, and I would let the snowflakes fall on my glove, one more beautiful than the next. Hubby and his friends thought I was nuts, they just could not see all the beauty I could. But all in all we really had fun doing that.
Happy Stitches, I am off to work on some projects today!

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