Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Before and After


I have been cleaning and organizing and more cleaning and more organizing......The pictures posted in the reverse order I wanted. So you get to see clean first, that is better -- you probably won't have a heart attack when you see how bad it was, and it was bad!!
This is my sewing area...all clean and ready to get sewing..

This is the corner area, I still need to go thru those patterns, but that is not near as bad as it was, wait til you see how bad it was......ARRGGG you will say
Here is my ironing area - quilt on the ironing board is my first UFO to tackle this year.

Here is my cutting area! So nice and ready to be cut on. While cleaning I found several new blades for my rotary cutters -- I thought I was out of them. Glad I cleaned.

Here is my closet -- I moved the smaller shelf into it, that used to be in the sewing room, but it works much better in the closet. See the House -- that holds all my novelty fat quarters, I got it at a garage sale last summer for $5 -- hubby had to fix 2 hinges -- and it is now a perfect Novelty Quarter House!

OK here is the bad pictures, this is my sewing area BEFORE I cleaned -- it was a mess - I am surprised it did not tip over.

Here is the cutting area -- just where in the world was I supposed to cut here?!?!?

And this is the mess that was on the floor -- wich is all nicely and neatly put away.

There you have it --- I am done with my sewing room, I am going to be able to create some wonderful creations this year, if only I remember where I put everything!!
Happy Stitches


Sara said...

Oh, you are going to be so darn organized! You'll be putting the rest of us to shame...

Quilty bird said...

Wow! What a difference! It will be a pleasure to sew in that clean room.

Steel Scraps said...

You did an awesome job organizing your space! I love the house for your FQs. Pat L in NY