Friday, January 22, 2010

Dead Batteries!

Good morning!

I was planning on showing you photos of all the neat things we bought yesterday for the Garden Center I work at, but at the second vendor we bought from my batteries died! So I have to get new batteries today so I can load the pictures.

It was a fun day, so much to see at the Merchandise Mart, WOW, somethings so fancy, so pricey, it is crazy, can't believe in this economy people actually can afford some of the things we saw.

The city is a crazy place, we saw some of the most unique people there, people really are very interesting. I am not a city person at all. But a few hours in the city really makes me appreciate the small town I live in and the country life I have chosen.

Did you get any sewing done yesterday? I did not even go into the creation station yesterday.
This afternoon hubby and I are heading out to my parents old home and packing up as much of the garage as we can.. Hubby like to refurbish motorcyles, and little honda trail mini bikes, so I think he has 1 motorcyle and 5 honda trails out there along with our golf cart. Hoping to get 1/3 of the items out of the garage today. Then we have to put up smoke detectors and a few other tweeks, should not take more than 1/2 a day today. So I am going up to my creation station now to start the day off right.

Have a great day
Happy Stitches

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Quilty bird said...

I didn't get any sewing done either. Had dental surgery on Thursday and I'm all swollen and a little loopy on pain meds. Not a good time for rotary cutting!

Thank goodness for tomorrow, or nothing would get done!