Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fall Mini and More

Good Morning!

Here is my fall mini swap I mailed out yesterday. It was to be mailed by the 18th but with the holiday, the PO was closed on Monday. I have to admit I love this so much I cut out 2 more. It was just a 12 inch block with a one inch inner border and then a 2 1/2 inch outer border. But a perfect little quilt for fall. I think the next swap that group is doing is Winter. I think they are behind a season.

Yesterday we did get an offer on my parents home I am trying to sell, but in this economy I accepted an offer for much less than I should have. It really bothers me that people are low balling the prices so much - I understand the economy is bad but the offer was over $40,000 lower than the original asking price, and $14,000 lower than the current price. And we started at $179,000 so in my eyes that is a huge deal this guy is getting. But what can you do. I do need to move forward. So I sure hope this goes thru with all the inspections this guy wants done. Hubby and I spent the last 2 winters there rehabbing the enitre house, we gutted it down to the studs, we have a lot financially invested in this and a lot of hard work, and sweat went into this and to give it away, just makes me a little mad. But as my aunt used to say, this too shall pass.

Onto a happier subject...did you sign up for the Valentine Sewing Party? What are you going to work on. I found the perfect pattern in the creation station yesterday....X - Rated by Schnibbles. It is a quilt of X's - it calls for a charm pack,but I have a lot of valentines fabrics. I am going to gather them up today I will post a photo of my project tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I am actually working for 1 day tomorrow, my boss is taking my and my co worker downtown to the Merchandise Mart to shop for things for the Garden Center! Really looking forward to it. Never have been there, so I am excited to see what they all have.. I will take my camera so you too can see it. Hard to believe it will be April 1st soon and it will be back to work. When my boss called the other day, he asked if I was keeping busy, I told him I am not sure how I will be able to fit work back into my schedule! He laughed, if only he knew how true that statement is :)

Well off to the creation station and play with my fabric for awhile
Happy Stitches


Quilty bird said...

What a great mini-quilt! Your swap partner is sure to love it.

About the house, I was in a similar situation several years ago. We had to let our rental co-op apt. go for a lot less than we expected. However, I can't tell you what a relief it is to get that monkey off my back. I'll never be a landlord again. (It wasn't by choice. My DH got transferred 2,000 miles away and we couldn't sell it at all originally, which is how we ended up with a renter to begin with.)

Whew! This comment is too long! Back to sewing.

Sara said...

The mini quilt is really cute! Love the fabrics you used.

Know what you mean - I went through the same thing when I sold my childhood home in Tampa - it was sad...