Monday, January 18, 2010

A complete Finish and Nuts for the Squirrels

Good Morning
I finally finished my first UFO of 2010 --I started this back in Feb of 2009. Got it bound and labeled yesterday and it is hanging up. I only have about 78 UFO's to go! Keep positive 1 done!

I love to feed the birds, I even went to a birding seminar a few years back. So I know what bird likes what, and Blue Jays love Peanuts so does Woody my Red Headed Woodpecker, and of course so do the squirrels! I have these 2 adorable squirrels and they are fearless, the dogs bark and carry on and they just keep eating. Here is one of them. They know exactly where the peanuts are. Cute isn't he? Click on the photos to enlarge you can really see his little face!

Here he is getting a drink, hubby says it is like a bed and breakfast for the animals here. I have a sweet littile downy woodpecker that enjoys the suet, and if it is low or empty he makes a sweet little noise, and my sewing room is right about the dinig room, so I can hear him when I am up there and I will run down and refill for him. And they say animals are stupid. Not around here!

Did not get much done yesterday, hubby still sick, today he is going to the Dr, even if he is kicking and screaming. 2 days of being sick is enough.

Enjoy your day!
Happy Stitches


Sara said...

I love that you take such good care of the little creatures outside. They do deserve it - especially in winter.

Hope hubby does well at the doctor!

Quilty bird said...

Oh, great squirrel picture. You should add a little note under it to click on it to enlarge the picture. I didn't get the full effect until I did that. Too cute!!!!

I feed the squirrels and blue jays peanuts as well. Also put out seed and suet. So fun and satisfying to watch these little guys.