Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Planter Chairs


I have had the past 2 days off and yesterday I ran errands and went to GoodWill -- did not find much except for a brand new pair of Princess Reeboks size 10 for $4.99 --this is what I wear all the time, so CHA CHING I save some big dollars there.  Then I found another thrift shop up the road from GW and it was really upscale but I did find a cute cup and saucer for 50 cents that I made into a bird feeder.

Today was stay and home and get some more planter chairs done, and that is what I did -- well at least until 4 when I went to the local church garage sale that started at 4 today :)

Here are the 2 chairs I got done today, I just need to touch them up a bit in the morning and then I am taking to the garden center tomorrow.  I already sold 1 of my chairs there and I am hoping it will be a busy weekend, and maybe I can sell a chair or 2 more.        

I was going to make this an Americana chair but it just was not working out, so I added the flowers and dots and am pretty happy with it.

This chair I just love, it has red and yellow flowers and the stem ended up so cute curled up at the end. 

At the garage sale I picked up this cute planter for $4!  I think I might be able to make some of these - I think I will try next week when I am off, need to get some wood -- don't think I am going to keep it there, I am going to put in on the wicker table next to the wicker chair to the left of the door.  I will take a picture once I get it planted up and the wicker furniture needs a coat of paint this year and new seat cushions. 

I manged to keep really busy today  - it would have been my moms 91st birthday today, I went and put flowers on all the graves yesterday  - so I know she is smiling down.  Tough to believe she is gone 6 years at the end of next month  - Moms are such special people.  Happy Birthday Mom!

I hope you had a busy and productive day

Happy Stitches


BumbleBeeLane said...

I really like how the red,white and blue on turned out.Hope it sells for you at the garden center.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Cherie said...

The chair is so cute! Great what you can find thrifting =D

Sinta Renee said...

Very cute project! I would love to paint and plant!