Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Morning
Here is my bunny adventure that happened Friday Morning:
Another morning with the bunnies -- this time 3 of them were in the window well -- I went into the laundry room and thought what is that in the window well -- you guessed it -- baby bunnies - 3 of them all huddled together, tried to bring them up with a snow shovel -- that was not working at all! Then I went and got a plastic crate with a lid and some gloves, go back into the basement -- and open the window and see one of the babies has a plastic bag wrapped around it's neck -- now I go get the scissors and cut the bag -- baby bunny is ok -- I put all 3 in the plastic crate and take them outside -- put them in the lawn - one hops away right away -- 2 just sit there, so I get a small bowl of water and some shredded carrots, 1 then hops away in about 15 minutes the other one - who had the bag around his neck is still sitting there by the carrots, I moved him into the shade on a nice soft towel and then right before I left for work I checked on him again and he was hopping around and getting back to normal.  When I came home they were all gone and all the carrots I shredded were gone too, so I know the last one left with a nice full tummy.  Here is the 3 of them in the crate I brought them upstairs in --- aren't they adorable!

Off to work today!

Happy Stitches


Kendra said...

Oh Dorothy, they are soooo adorable! You're a hero for rescuing them :) When I was a kid I used to breed and raise bunnies for 4H and Spring was always the best with the babies being born.

I am going to bring those 2 spindle beds back with me from UN so we can make you a bench from them if you want one!


Cherie said...

They are so cute! How nice that you rescued and fed them (well tried to)! =D

Flávia e Cristiana said...

Olá! Gostei muito de conhecer seu blog. Um abraço.