Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy Day today


What a busy day it was today, first thing this morning I was at Kendra's house from Stone House Primitives and we were going to create a couple of garden benches from old headboards.......

and at about 11 AM we had finished this! What a fun time we had.  She is going to paint it cream and green I think is what we were talking about.  She will either keep it or donate it to our Garden club sale this weekend.

I also wanted to make a bench, but I did not have the right kind of headboard, this is the headboard I had gotten  on one of my treasure hunts a couple of weeks ago  - but it had rounded edges and it also did not come with a footboard,  but no biggie I came home and painted it cream and have put it in my garden and I LOVE IT!!  Think I might need to make a sign for it or maybe a grapevine wreath -- I have a few ideas in the works.


I also planted up so pots that go in my creek side garden and just had a nice afternoon of planting and painting. 

 I did manage to go to town today and stop at the salvation army store and bought a grapevine wreath for 49 cents and the watermelon sign wich I am going to re-purpose  - just use the watermelon I think.  And the vines in the photo are some grapevines Kendra gave me to make a couple grapevine wreaths, I bought the one at salvation army --just in case mine doesn't turn out.

Now I am finishing dinner and then making cookies for the Fairy Garden Class I am teaching tomorrow at the Garden Center

Have a great night and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Stitches


BumbleBeeLane said...

Your job sounds fun.The wreath with the watermelon will look nice for summer.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Cherie said...

You always sound like you're having fun! Some great things there you've been working on =D