Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A day of Gardening

Good Morning!

Yesterday was my last day off til Sunday May 27th -- seems like forever til me next day off, so I had a list a mile long to complete -- I did not get it all done, but I got a lot done, so I very happy.  I have been collecting plants from various plant sales and from the garden center - so they were filling up our snowmobile trailer - first project get everything planted!  I planted some of Dear Hubby's tomato and pepper plants - I think we are up to about 35 tomato plants and 12 pepper plants -- then I planted the herbs in our planting box Dear Hubby made a few years ago, then to get the flowers planted - this took the most time.

Here is my Fresh Flower box I had gotten at a church garage sale -- it does look a bit sparse but those petunias will fill in nicely.

This was a big project, cleaning up the bird/butterfly garden, I had lots of weeds, so I tilled it and then planted some of my daisys that I started from seed this winter and a new butterfly bush along with some pansys that I moved from the front.  And a few impatiens in the bottom of the bird bath -- then went to the towns Free Mulch pile and brought some mulch  home and put that down.  Looks so much better and the birds are enjoying. 

I had already planted the flower boxes on our front porch and they are looking really nice, my front theme is Red White and Blue - I also painted my little tables for the front red and I have blue paint for some planters for the from (blue) but I did not get those done yesterday so I hope to get those planted either before or after work this week.

I did weed the side of the house and split up some coneflowers and of course had the dogs out with me, and they discovered a bunny nest -- I bunny did not survive but the other on is doing well and a full recovery is expected and after that little mis-hap the dogs went back inside "in jail" for an hour to think about their crime. 
Another exciting thing happened yesterday when we were outside we saw 2 eagles soaring overhead, it was just AWESOME!  My dad loved Eagles  - I really felt like he was right there next to me when they were flying over.  
Yes the snowmobile trailer is empty!  So a good day -- but still lots to do before Memorial day weekend.
I did step foot into my sewing room and looked around and planned to be up yesterday afternoon, but it never happened, I had to mow and trim the yard.  So I started working at 7:30 yesterday morning and was drying dished and putting them away at 8:45 PM last night -- glad to be able to go back to work today and rest up a bit!!!
Happy Stitches and Gardening!


BumbleBeeLane said...

The gardens are coming along nicely.I have alot of planting to do and cleaning up the beds but was trying to wait to get the rest of my flower plants.Hopefully saturday.The eagles sound beautiful.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Kendra said...

One good thing about dishes, they help get your hands clean from gardening!
Lookin' good!


Cherie said...

Wow you sound like you were very busy indeed! I'll be looking out for the updates on the planted veggies =D