Thursday, November 11, 2010

Salute a Veteran today

Good Morning

Happy Veterans Day 2010. I just wanted to tell you a few things about my favorite Veteran, my Dad, Robert True Frye. He served in the Navy and was on board the USS Curtis Dec 7th 1941, yes he was in Pearl Harbor. And he was very proud of that fact, in fact this is one of my favorite photos of him, wearing his Pearl Harbor Survivors Hat. This picture was actually taken by the local paper when they did an article about Pearl Harbor years ago.

He and I were best buddies, I truly was a daddys girl - he had to retire early due to health issues and he got a paper route 3 days a week and I went with him, we really had some good times while we delivered those papers. I worked 2 hours a day with him and I got $3 a week, then the paper went to 5 days a week and my pay stayed the same!
He was a good man, he loved to garden - we had the best veggie garden in the neighborhood, he was a great home improvement type man, he knew all about tools and fixing things. And he loved to go to Wed night Bingo at the American Legion in town with my mom every week. They never missed.
He and I always went Christmas shopping today, Veterans day, it was our tradition he wanted to get out before the big crowds.
And when he got sick, I never really knew how sick he was, he hid it well.
I was only 18 when he died at age 60. Somedays it seems like yesterday, sometimes it seems like forever.
But I know today he smiling down, wishing we could go shopping again, just one more time.
Thanks for reading about my favorite vet today.


Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

Your dad sounds like such a nice man. It's a shame to lose him so early in your life.

Donna W. Guthrie said...

For a lovely interview with a WW II Veteran, check out MEET ME AT THE CORNE, Virtual FIeld Trips for Kids.