Monday, November 1, 2010

Le Petite Projects and More Pumpkins

Good Morning!

I hope you had a great Halloween! I just love the day of fantasy - you can be anyone you want to be for just one day. How fun! We had 125 Trick or Treaters. That is down from years past usually we get over 150 and I was worried I had 140 bags prepared and I ran to town to get some "extra" candy -- Hubby was glad - he like the "extra" I bought :)

I joined the group Le Petite Projects this year and our first project was Schnibble Pagini and I had posted a picture a while back and here it is again - still not quilted, hopefully that might get done today after I clean house and take down the outdoor decorations.

I love this little quilt, I had a fat quarter bundle of Thimbleberries, so I made it from that instead of charm squares. I really am trying to use up what I have. It looks fallish to me, so I want to quilt it and either hang it in the hallway where I have a Witch quilt or use it as a table top.

Here are my 2 little darlings, Rudy is the dalmation and he is almost 11 -- he is the love of my life. And he loves to make his momma happy, he had that costume on all day!
Poochie is my little red head and she was Elvis, she HATED it, in fact she has pretty much hated every costume I have bought for her, she was a bumble bee, a witch, the devil and Cruella DeVille and she hides and keeps her head down, so she only wheres her costume for a few pictures and then she either takes it off, or hides behind the couch. So I don't make her wear it all day.

Here is a photo of our house in the day no so scary, our fountain in the middle of the front yard, usually shoots up red water, but our light burned out the day before and hubby did not think it was a crisis to fix it this late in the season, as today the fountain will be shut down for the year. I thought it was an urgert crisis. But I understand.
And here is our yard at night all lit up, kinda hard to see but it is fun.

We did carve and paint pumpkins yesterday morning and here is my favorite that I painted. I paint these at the garden center I work at on pie pumpkins but I thought I would like to use this hat on a pumpkin instead of a scarecrow, and the hat was a quarter at a garage sale, so I really think he turned out cute. He will stay on my front porch til Thanksgiving

Well I better get moving today, my list is long!
Happy Stitches

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Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

It looks great Dorothy my dog wouldn't keep a costume on at all. I love the quilt too.