Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Good Morning

Can't believe I have not posted since was a crazy week. Had to deal with some issues of my unemployment, apparently they said I had not worked at all, so twice this past week I was down at the unemployment office with proof (w-2's and paystubs) proving that yes I did work.. So I guess early next week I will get a check, about time since I have been off since Oct 16th!
So needless to say the week has been a bit stressful in this house.

I also got my entire creek side garden mulched - I shoveled about 5 yards of mulch onto our snowmobile trailer and then re-shoveled it into the garden! It took 2 trips to the free mulch pile, but the great news is the tree trimmers were just in our town and it is all wood chips! so my creekside garden is all cleaned up and looks great! Can't wait til the day after Thanksgiving so I can put up my snowman bird feeders.

Friday was a great day, my quilting buddies and I signed up for a Lisa Bonegan from Primitive Gatherings workshop and we worked on a wool Christmas candle mat - it was a great day stitching with my friends. Lisa was a great teacher and alot of fun. Unfortunetly the shop owners were quite the poo poo heads. They did not even say thank you for coming, they did not walk around the room to see how we were doing and all of Lisas patterns and kits were in rubbermaid totes w/0 prices and you had to ask a price for each thing. It was really a horrible experience with them. But again Lisa was fabulous. I have never been to this shop before and never will go back. Kinda sad in this economy I would think as a shop owner you would be as friendly as possible to get the folks back to your store, especially since there were 7 in our group and most have not been there. And my one friend spent over $400 on Lisas kits and patterns. Oh well enough said on that subject. Here is what I got done between the workshop and last night at Friday night sew in.

Then this morning was the BOM but with the unemployment issue I have chosen to stay home :) I am very sad about it, but I don't need to be tempted. I did get my mystery quilt up to the step it needed to be last night at the Friday Night Sew in also. I love the fabrics and can't wait to have my friend bring me over the next step maybe later today or tomorrow.

Well I have to get busy sewing today......I have lots I want to get down for Thanksgiving. I got the neatest vintage stamp fabric at JoAnns last week and my brother in law works for the post office and has for 30 years, so I want to make him and his wife a table runner from this fabric. So I am going to sew this morning. So far I have cleaned up the kitchen - amazing how things get so messy when you are not home and hubby is here by himself!
Enjoy your day
happy stitches

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Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

Some owners of businesses have no manners.
But at least you had a good time. The candlemat is really cute and so is the quilt.