Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring is Here??


Spring arrived on Thursday and of course we had snow!    Hoping it was the last snow of the year but the weather man is predicting snow for Monday night -- not quite sure when Spring will Spring up around here.

I have been busy working on projects so the weather is not bothering me at all.

I was painting a few birdhouses this weekend I have  3 more to paint and then I will have a box out of the garage!   I have already put a few down by the creek and will put these down there by next weekend.   

Went to a friends house on Friday night and  we sewed for several hours, I got my  little gingerbread boy bound!   At least I have one next item for Christmas this year! 

I had quilted Harvey the Hare last month and was hoping to finish him when we were up north a few weeks back we were  too busy up there -- so Friday  night I put all of his buttons and his face on and he is now hung up in the entry way -- He is about a 10 year old UFO -- so glad to check him off the list -- 3rd UFo of the year -- he is a big on 21 inches x 53 inches long.

I also took my Schnibbles there and I bound this one up too!  I measures only 20 inches square but another one is done and won't be turning into a UFO.

I stayed up last night and worked on my Hospice project -- BUNS (baking up nice surprises) - they will e delivered the first week of April -- I have 3 dozen done and 9 more dozen too complete -- goal is to get them all done this week, it would be nice to be a little ahead --

Well off to bed, 4:30 comes very early!
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