Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quilt Show and A visit from an old Project


How has your week been?  Hard to believe it is Sunday night again -- these weeks just fly by.  Looks like
Spring might be here  -- well at least it was here for today --  I just heard the forecast and it looks like we have rain moving in tomorrow and it will be here most of the week. 

I did get some sewing down this week - I worked on some applique towels, but I could not get the picture loaded, I have a new camera and it is taking a bit longer to get used to it than I thought it would be.
Here is one of the Easter baskets I made up this afternoon, it is from the Sew It Magazine, it has lots
of great ideas that are simple and quick and that is always good in my book.


Saturday the Quilting and Sewing Expo was nearby so I headed over there with 5 other quilting buddies
and we spend the day oohhh and aaahhh ing over all the neat quilts -- here is a little eye candy from the show.

This is a simple 9 patch bordered,  very simple but really nice looking.
 This one was a quilt made in the 30s or 40s and was found at an Estate sale and was machine quilted -- it was beautiful.  The colors and the quilting -- I am sure the quilt maker is smiling down that her quilt got finished, finally.
They  had about 15 quilts from the 30's and 40's - that were recently discovered and completed, it was so nice to see.  

This Grandmas flower garden was also a recently completed quilt.
I just love hexies! 

This one is simply stunning -- all  tiny pieces - and it looks like it was  painted.   I will have  more to share this week.

This afternoon after we got back from fishing, where the lake was still partially frozen and we caught nothing, I think they were still hibernating, I got up to my sewing room and was looking thru a box of projects that needed some work -- it was a box I created when I revamped it in Decemeber.  I came across these Posie blocks,    I started these when my mom was first diagnosed with cancer and I worked on them at her Chemo appointments -- I started these 14 years ago -- that is right FOURTEEN years ago -- they are from a Fons and Porter magazine from  2000!  I just did the math and that is about when she was diagnosed.  I have got to get this done --  I only had 5 done and need 20 -- I have all the leaves  and flower center fused and  I just need to get some more of the petals fused  And YES I have kept the background fabric with the project, so I have plenty of that.  I am gonna finish this one this year.

The photo above is the 3 I fused today and I got one stitched during the Amazing Race -- my goal is to fuse them all and then have a great take a long project this summer.  Or a tv project.
Well that is about all for tonight.
Hope your quilting is going well!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitches

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