Sunday, March 9, 2014

Small Project and BOM's Update

Good Morning!

I am participating in A Quilting Lifes Small Project of the Month and our challenge this month was to create a quilt or project from this quilt block (the flower) I has this fabric for several years just waiting for the perfect project and here it is.  It is a small table topper -- perfect for the table in  our entry way.   It is a garden theme fabric -- the yellow border has little garden  trowels in it.      

Now on to the BOM's I am in ..... Here is the March Aurfil  Block -- it was very easy and a fun block to make.

Here are all 3 so far, I am liking hoe this is going.

This project if from Pat Sloans Globetrotting Project - these are the three so far we have done.

This block is called Chicago and it was Marchs BOM -- really like this one -- it went together easy and would make a great quilt.

On to the one that took me the longest about 3 hours last night -- it is Quilt Doodles block of the month - it measures 16  x 20  and it alot of 2 1/2 inch squares -- I think my tree turned out good - I was debating between greens last night and these 4 seemed to work well together.

I also quilted up this table topper and I will bind it this week during tv time -- it is a barbeque theme -- trying to get a few things done for the show in May -- it will be here before I know it  -- still too cold to paint the furniture I have collected this winter - so I will be sewing more today and hopefully next weekend it will warm up so I ca at least figure out what I have and what needs to be done.  

So what are you working on?  
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Kendra said...

Looking good! Gotta' get all the stitching done now 'cause [maybe] we'll be outside working soon!