Sunday, March 16, 2014

National Quilting Day


Yesterday was National Quilting Day -- so I did work on a quilt challenge from Pat Sloans Facebook group -- it was the Shoo Fly block -- we were to make 20 and use our stash -- first I was going to use a variety of blues but then came across 3 fat quarters of 1 print and I thought I would use those up and all the white is various small pieces, so good to use them in something.  And the blue for the sashing I had just a 1 1/2 inch strip left -- so some pieces are totally used from my stash -- I wish I had a little more for the outer border -- I have searched my stash and found nothing that would make a final border on this quilt.   Not sure if I will keep it this size or try to find a fabric that looks nice for the final border.   I was up til after midnight working on this and cutting up some of the flannel I bought back on Black Friday for baby bibs, burp cloths and receiving blanket - it was good to reduce that stack as well.

We also went out for corn beef and cabbage, the next town over has a little dinner  that is charity type event,  we pre bought our tickets and  since it was from 11:30 - 5 -- we thought 3 would be a good time, well we got there at 3 and they were all sold out!   WOW - we have gone to this the past few years and saw an increase in attendance each year -- but never thought they would be sold out -- how depressing!   So we came home and searched the internet and found a dinner at a VFW hall about a half hour away and we headed over there when it started - we weren't missing out twice in one day!! And had a delicious dinner with dessert.

Today I had purchased a gift certificate thru a radio station for a thrift shop so we headed over there and to Goodwill -- a great way to spend a Sunday in my eyes!

At Goodwill I found this kids rocker -- for $4.99 - wait it gets better -- Furniture was 50% off !  So I walked away with this goodie for $2.50!  I am going to  paint it pink and paint some flowers on it.  Too cute!

Between both thrift shops I purchased these tin for our Garden Faire in May -- I think these will all look  cute with some plants potted in them  -- the most expensive one was the loaf pan 99 cents -- Have some great ideas for some neat planting in these.

Also got this little planter for $1.20 -- I sprayed it with clear coat when I got home and drilled some holes for drainage, did that on the metal items too. 

I did work on some things for our garden sale -- it is in May but once the weather gets nice I will be outside and in the garage painting, so I had some time this weekend  and found these little shoes when I did the over haul of  my sewing room in December, I was going to make pincushions, but I have plenty of those -- so I thought they were adorable with the hens and chicks in them.

We will be having a "Fairy Garden" demo and selling Fairy Gardens at our Garden Faire, so I painted up these little rocks as lady bugs --  I made some of these when I was at the garden center - and they were quite popular -- hopefully folks will still like them.    

We have been watching my boss' dog, he is a 5 pound Yorkie named Petey -- when he is with us the house is very busy Poochie is like a teen - likes to do her own thing and hang out with us with out a lot of comotion, well Petey on the other  hand is like a new born -- needs lots of attention and is very busy -- apparently he was a little tired and he and Poochie decided to take a nap in the sun!   What a wonderful life.
What have you been up to?

Happy Stitches!

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Kendra said...

Everything looks wonderful, I can't wait for the faire!
Love the two pups snoozing in the sun :)