Friday, January 4, 2013

NYE Puzzle


Well remember when I told you Dear Hubby and I worked on a puzzle on New Years Eve --- well here it is 4 pieces short!!  And the puzzle box was sealed and the bag inside the box was sealed -- so where did the pieces go??? 

I contacted the puzzle maker and they said they  have not made this puzzle in years -- so we searched Ebay and found the puzzle sealed box and all -- but the seller wanted over $7 to mail it -- way too expensive, so Dear Hubby emailed the seller and explained we wanted the puzzle for 4 pieces -- so could they just ship the bag of pieces and then we could save on shipping -- they would not do that but they did agree to ship for actual shipping costs.  So they ended up crediting us back $4.09 in shipping WOW - so glad Dear Hubby dealed on the shipping. 

So in a few days our puzzle shall arrive and hopefully all 513 pieces will be there and we can find the 4 we need and then I am going to mod podge it.

Tomorrow I am off to the quilt shop with some friends, hope I find some fabrics I am looking for!
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