Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Good Morning and Welcome to 2013!!

I sure hope this year will ge a wonderful one for everyone.  Let's hope and stay positive.

Last night Dear Hubby and I started on a puzzle that he is still working on!  We went to bed a midnight and he was up at 7 working on this puzzle.  So fun - It is of Las Vegas and is has such teeny little writing - very difficult one I think.

I already have the tree down and Christmas packed away.  Last week I only worked a few hours each day and then came home and was cleaning the basement, now with the Christmas boxes and all the holiday boxes packed up and put away our basement is once again clean!  Dear hubby has some drywall repair to do down there so I wanted everything tidy for him to be able to work there without a problem.

Is your sewing room cleaned and are you ready for 2013???  I am - I cleaned it a couple weeks ago and it is still clean.  I have cleaned up my UFO Cabinet and I have 80 UFO's -- my goal is 2 a month this year - that will make a big dent.  So if you want to play along with me,  send me a note - we could be each others cheering section!

I was going to try and not start anything new, but already I am hooked on Open Gates BOM - check it out here  http://www.aquiltinglife.com/2013/01/hello-2013-blogger-girls-block-of-month.html.  There are going to be 6 bloggers making the blocks all are different colors.  I am still thinking about mine and red and white is the direction I think I might take.   Not sure yet the grey,black and red is nice too.     Oh such decisions.

I am up to speed on Bonnies Mystery, I just need to put it all together, that will start this afternoon.  The other project I am going to partake in this year is the Peculiar Challenge 2 - we will be going to the quilt shop on Saturday and getting more info  on that, but we need to have our center block done prior to going - it is going to be a medallion style quilt and they give you a pattern for a border each month, I think that is what it is going to be, that is what it sounds like, so I will give you  more info after Saturday.  Other than those few new things I am going to concentrate on UFO's and things for my craft shows this year.

So what is your plan for the new year?
 Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitches!

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Sara said...

You would think I would be ready for 2013's quilting and knitting - I do have my lists of several things I need to finish...so it is a start.

I have a ton of UFOs - and I'm not counting...but, am planning on working on those this year as opposed to starting any new quilting projects...

I'll be around to encourage you...