Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rehab? Wanna Join Me?


What a crazy day! It was very windy here today, really not that unusual but the wind just makes it that much colder -- when the wind was not blowing it was probably 65 - but with the wind it was in the 40's BRRR! Due to the high winds today, my boss said no work today -- stay home - so I got a free day! Not really that great when I just started back last week - but I did get some sewing done.

And some surfing done too:) Have you been over to the Pink Pincushion blog, http://pinkpincushion.blogspot.com/
Sinta is having a BOM Rehab and boy do I need to be in Rehab! I bet 50% of my UFO's are BOM!
So I joined up -- and it is easy all you have to do is work on a BOM and then link up to her blog on Mondays. Since I did not work on a BOM this past weekend I did link up yesterday, but I will next week, I was working today on my Jan Patek BOM again.

The block of the Months I am going to tackle first:

Jan Patek from my LQS that is still going on -- want to get current

LQS BOM featuring 1 12 inch Block and 2 inch blocks each month -- need to get current

Birdie Block of the Month - need to complete 3 more blocks

This should keep me on track for a few weeks!!!

So.... will I be seeing you in Rehab?????

Happy Stitches

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Sara said...

Oh, I am so behing on my BOMs - and april is coming up...