Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Schnibbles parade


Here is is the end of March already and this is my 3rd parade of the year! I really love this quilt, I did it in all pink and green 30's -- these are great for using up the little pieces you have. And I have TONS of 30's :)

Started back to work early this year, so I have already been there 2 weeks, so this little Schnibbles did not quilted, hoping to get it done tomorrow!

Enjoy the parade (Waving at you)

Happy Stitches


Carrie said...

Most of mine are photographed before they're quilted too!

I love the 30s fabrics is your Bibelot, and your color-scheme is perfect. Great job ~ your quilt is wonderful. :)

Michele said...

It's beautiful!