Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ready, Set, Sew in a Clean Room!!!


WOW! I think I cleaned this room in record time this year - I started on Monday, worked part of yesterday and then most of today and I am happy to report it is CLEAN!! And I am doing a happy dance!!

I love it when it is clean and tidy, now I can sew, I have a pile of projects in a basket in front of my bookcases and that is what I am going to work on starting tonight. I really want to get that pile complete, and it is all simple things, odd blocks I am making into candle mats, a few stitchery pieces need to made into pillows and some candle mats for Christmas- all the parts are cut they just need to be assembled and quilted -- most of the items will go into my craft show tote for next years shows. Can't wait to get a little bit ahead.

Here is my room as you look into it from the door. Gosh clean counters :)

Here is my ironing area - I also recovered the ironing board, it has needed to be recovered for probably a year I had an old towel on it over the last covering, and you know what - it only took about a 1/2 hour to recover it. So happy to have a clean place to iron. The flannel blocks are for a rag quilt for our king size bed, they are all sewn into 2's and some into 4's -- need to get this done this year!

Here is my cutting area -- Gosh this had so much stuff on it - It was Crazy!!! Glad to be able to cut and measure on the ENTIRE table not just 14 inches of the table!!!

And this is where I do all the sewing -- look nice clean counter and all dusted and ready to go!

I did vacuum - but our real vacuum is on the fritz, part is ordered but we are still waiting for it, so I used Dear Hubby's Shop Vac and it did ok, but I really can't wait for the vacuum to get better so I can give it a deep vacuuming, but for now I am thrilled it is DONE!!

Well Happy Stitches....

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