Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cookies and a UFO Complete


Did you have a productive Sunday? I sure did, I got 7 dozen cut out cookies done and 6 dozen decorated, I have a dozen of Snowman to do but I ran out of white frosting and I have been to the grocery store in town twice today, so I will wait til tomorrow to get them complete. But I have all my boxes packed for shipping so I can get all my cookies mailed tomorrow! It will be a good feeling when I leave the PO tomorrow.

Check out my Red, White and Blue candy guessed it those will be going to my Godson who is a new Marine I sure hope he likes them!

Then you saw on Friday night I got my snwoman top down, well between Saturday afternoon and today, I got it quilted up!!!! And during the Survivor finale I got it bound! YEAH! Another UFO done! Still have way too many but at least I have 1 more done for this year.

Well off to bed so I can get an early start tomorrow.
Happy Stitches!

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Lauralei Properties said...

You sure got a lot accomplished - I have been sewing like crazy too - nice blog :)