Friday, December 2, 2011

Craft Walk this weekend!

Good Morning!

Lots been going on around here! First off Dear Hubby had hernia surgery the day after Thanksgiving, we were up at 4 AM and got back home around 5 PM -- he did very well and yesterday we went to the Dr for his check up and he can go back to doing pretty much everything so he is feeling much better.

We did not get to shop at all on Black Friday, but with the sales starting Thanksgiving night that has kinda changed our attitude about it, we used to like getting up early and get some bargains, but we are not as thrilled with staying up all night to get bargains.
Dear hubby was feeling alright Saturday morning, so I was able to sneak over to JoAnns for a bit of shopping that day, and I wanted to get some fleece to work on these scarfs I had seen on a blog, I will get the link up a bit later for these, they are quick and easy. I have made these blue, some black and white and red with Christmas fabrics. A great way to use up your scraps. I have these at the Craft Walk this weekend.

I have been sewing up a storm this past week or so getting ready for the Craft Walk - this is the 10th year I have participated in this and it is always a good time and I make a little money too.
The whole town has craft shows at various houses and churches and folks come from all over to check out what is going on. And tonight is our BIG night in town, we have our tree lighting and of course our Festival of Lights parade, and it lasts about 7 minutes! Small town charm, gotta love it.

Here is another new item I am making -- a few friends are expecting boys next year and I saw this is a high price baby shop a few towns over, very simple to make one a onesie.

I have also been trying to use up what I have in my sewing room, I had 2 of these cutter quilts and I had seen this idea so I decided to make some and they have been selling very well on my Etsy shop - I had the old rusty bed springs from my moms attic, we dismantled an old bed that was up there, and of course when I told Dear Hubby I NEEDED those springs he was not that thrilled but he did take the bed frame apart and I have a box of these old springs, so he is THRILLED that I am actually using them of course he mumbled something like, Oh FINALLY you are using those!! Men they just don't get it.

You can use these on top of a tree of just put them on a shelf -- kinda cute and fun to make.

This morning when I opened the door for the dogs to go out -- we have a little dusting of SNOW! Perfect for our towns Christmas celebration today and tonight!

Well that is most of what I have been up too, I hope you are doing some fun stuff this time of year too!

Happy Stitches!

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