Sunday, January 23, 2011

Midwest Superbowl is TODAY!

Good Morning

I have quilted this weekend and yesterday I cleaned out one of my cabinets - well the top 2 shelves hoping to get all my UFO's in 1 place by early next week. I found a tote bag kit that must have been in there for about 8 years and I got that mostly done.

But today I will work for a little this morning and then something more important that quilting will happen...I know you say what is more important than quilting.....well if you live in the Ill/Wi are you know what I am talking about.......

Todays football game....

DA BEARS VS. The Packers!

We will head over to the brother in laws house for the entire family to be together for this game. And hopefully a victory party will begin after the game for DA BEARS!

Enjoy your day and Happy Stitches!