Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew In!!

Good Morning

Well it is a balmy -7 right now, up from -9 when I woke up, with wind chills of - 20 something......BRRR....

A perfect day to stay inside and SEW!!

Today is the start of a stay at home retreat weekend on the Stashbuster Yahoo group and it is Friday Night Sew in too! A doubly great day!

I have lots of projects to work on, I still need to quilt something - and finish it and I have my Petite project to do and I have my sister in laws valance I am working on. So with all that being said...I am off to sew.... I will report back tomorrow with hopefully at least 1 item complete!

Happy Stitches and Stay Warm!

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Sara said...

Have fun sewing! It's the perfect weather for it...