Sunday, January 16, 2011

Go Bears!

Happy Sunday!

Well today our Bears will be playing the Seatle Seahawks and dear hubby invited the neighborhood over, notice the neighborhood - not neighbor! So I have to tidy up a bit this morning and he is working on his homemade tamales.
I don't think I will get any stitching done today. Yesterday I went to my BOM and I got another step to the mystery quilt project and I am dying to get to it. Last night we watched the Packers beat Atlanta -- that is just what we wanted - Bears fans think it will be easier to beat the Pack than Atlanta -- oh my such much going on! Well it keeps Hubby very busy.
And Friday we went to one of my favorite shops about 2 hours from here and I got a couple of new snowman patterns, that I am eager to work on. And not to mention finich up the last 2 projects from the Be Mine tour. Hopefully later today I can get up to the Creation Station!
Happy Stitches! Go Bears!

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