Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas is getting Closer!

Good Morning!

Well we survived the Kitchen and Dining room painting. It is all "green grapes" and we like it. Yesterday was the final day of working on this project, I washed the drapes in the dining room and put them back up. We cleaned everything in both rooms and I manage to put some things in a box for goodwill, it looks a lot nicer and cleaner and I organized a few cabinets to get some stuff off our counter tops and just like Martha Stewart some items like the bread machine and meat slicer that we only use on occasion has found a nice home on the shelf in the basement. It will be good excercise to go down there and get the larger items we just don't have the room to store in the kitchen.

Friday night we decided to look at Christmas lights and and had heart about a new display at Mooseheart. It was only about 40 minutes away so we decided to take a drive and check it out. I had no idea where or what we were going to. Mooseheart is a 1000 acre place, where 225 children live, they have 30 homes that house the children, they have a school system there, they have a gift shop, and I believe they have a farm there also. It is founded by the Moose Clubs, I had no idea this is what they do. It really is an awesome place. The brochure says these children have lost their parents or were taken from them do to poor living conditions. Really an awesome place. That I had no idea about.
They have 1.8 miles of a road you follow and these were some of the decoration we saw, you might need to click on them to enlarge them. This was the first year they did this, they charged $10 a car, a little pricey but the money goes for a good cause and they gave you 3D glasses, wich when you put them on, you saw Snowmen EVERYWHERE, everywhere there was a light you saw a snowman on it, really cool.
Enjoy the pictures... this is entering the facility there is a HUGE Moose statue and words in lights that say Merry Christmas...

This one is a neat Gingerbread house...

Here is Cinderellas Pumpkin Carriage

And here is a HUGE Castle...

Well that is all for now, Oh I did stop buy JoAnn fabrics and got some wild fabric for a valance on my kitchen window....hopefully I can get that sewed up today and you can see it tomorrow.
Hope you are safe and warm ...we are under a winter storm warning...
Happy Stitches

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