Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The best bargain EVER!

good morning!

How was your Christmas? I hope yours was good. Ours was really nice, the family was here, we had too much good food as always and we had some fun, isn't that what the holidays are supposed to be! We did for the first time ever a white elephant exchange, it was really fun and some neat things were brought, we can't wait to see what comes back next year!

These were some cupcakes I made for dessert....mmmm they were good, chocolate cupcakes are the best!

I am sure you are wondering about the best bargain EVER! Well let me tell you, I was running errands with Dear Hubby yesterday and we stumbled across a Thrift Shop....more like I YELLED HEY THERE IS A THRIFT SHOP ...STOP THIS CAR!!
He immediately pulled in and in we went. It was a Salvation Army store that really needed some updateing, but you never know what you will find.. My first find was a Just Married Picture frame for his neice that is getting married in July, I thought it would be cute on top of the real present! For just $1... a great deal....but not the best deal EVER....

As I was looking thru the sweaters I saw this great grey sweater.... this is the original tag on it

Can you see the price $139.98....

I paid $3.49 for this hand knit wool sweater that was BRAND NEW!!

It will look great with a red turtleneck and black pants! What is the best deal ever you got a thrift shop?
This is the week for cleaning the Creation Station....I have lots of to put away in there, but the rest of the house is spotless, so nice. Well I have to get going this morning and get the cleaning done so I can get working on the New Years Eve Mystery Quilt.
Happy Stitches

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