Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st! WOW

Good Morning!

Hard to believe it is August 1st! This year is just flying by.
I am a new member of the Charming Chatter group and we are to post our goals each month....Well it is August 1st and last night I figured out what I need to do this month. My goals are 25 tabletoppers/runners and to work on my connecting corner blocks of my Crossroads quilt.
You may be saying WOW 25 tabletoppers! Well I have a craft show that I pariticpate in the 4th Thursday in September so I need to get a move on inventory for that. I started last night, you see back in January I cut out many of the Star table toppers I make and other table runners and last night I sewed up 4 of them. My goal is to quilt one each morning before work and then bind at night while I watch TV. So it is a very realistic goal. Plus on my days off I can quilt up a few and then I will have a supply. Hopefully my plan will work.
Yesterday I did complete the Cubs tabletopper for my neice and will get it in the mail to her tomorrow morning. I think she will like it. DH says he did not like that I used the bigger print fabric for the star points, because words are cut, well I like it so for today that is all that matters.

Off to work today, I just hate working on Sundays even though it is every other Sunday and today will be a fun day, we are in a parade so that should be a fun time. Not to many more Sundays left, as the garden center will close for the season at the end of October.

Have a great day today

Happy stitches!


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