Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday's Project

Good Morning

It all started about 2 weeks ago when my niece and I were conversing on facebook and she really needed help decorating her basement, with her Cubs soveniers. So she asked if I would help and I was thrilled. So yesterday afternoon I made the drive to her house and we figured out what she wanted to frame and then took off to Hobby Lobby (luckily frames were 50% off!) and we came back with bags of frames!

And so we started to create the cutest Cubs basement!
Here are some pictures:

She is very lucky she has a kitchen in her basement and her grandma picked up this little jersey - it is acutally a napkin so we framed it.

Here is Harry by her bar and some of her things that need to go on a shelf - wich we forgot to get so the next trip out we will get some shelves.

This is a huge frame filled with old tickets, a program and some baseball cards.

This was a fun project, she has the coffee table and a piece of glass to cover it so we looked thru her old cards and talked abou the old players and then added some ticket stubs and very very gently put the glass back on, it is a great addition to her Cubs room.

Here are 4 extra large trading cards that she had from 1994 - the 2 blue frames we found were perfect Cubbie blue, but they only had 2 so we had the lady in the custom framing dept, cut us 2 red mats to add just a bit more color.

There was one more picture of her larger wall with some very nice Cubs photos on it, but blogger has told me I have loaded the max number of pictures in the entry. I will add the other tomorrow.
Today it is overcase again, I already have planted a few new perennials and I was hoping DH would be home today, as it is the first Saturday I have had off in months, but he is working --so I think it is a great day to sew. I think I might just be making a Cubs tablerunner.....for you know who...
Happy Stitches

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