Monday, August 9, 2010

The Bachelorette and Jury Duty


Well I was very happy with the ending of the bacherlorette last week, I was so proud of Ali to tell Chris that it was Roberto and not string him along. I really did like Chris, but Roberto really has her heart and they both seem to be more realistic than some of the latest couples from that show, so I am hoping that they do stay together. They make a cute couple :)

A few weeks ago, I got the invitation to Jury Duty and had to call last Friday night, well guess what, I had to go today and actually got picked to be on a jury, I arrived at 9:30 today and they finally had the 12 picked for the Jury at 2:30 the case started at 3 and at 3:50 the judge (a very nice lady) told us that she needed some repairs done to the video system in the courtroom, so she was releasing us for the day and that we will meet up again at 10:15 tomorrow to finish up the case and deliberate. I think we could get a lot more done if we started maybe at 8! But the court system doesn't work that that so I am off work for another day.

I have been working on my table runners, I have 4 totally done (bound one today at jury duty!) and I have 1 more with the binding 1/2 on and 4 more tops done. So I am doing well with my goal for the month.
Yesterday I sewed up several tops of tablerunners that I had cut out in January, so now I just have to quilt one each morning and then bind it at night when I watch tv.

Well off to bed
Happy Stitches

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