Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome March!

Well how did March arrive in your area? I would say she came in like a Lion here, it was cold and windy all weekend. They are predicting warmer weather by the end of the week, but heck I could predict warmer weather and I might be right too, eventually it has to warm up and Spring will arrive. One thing about living in the midwest you learn patience!

We were busy this weekend, now that Dear Hubby is feeling better we are back to completing my parents old home, we worked out there both days this weekend. Such fun jobs like re-running gas lines, trimming windows and I work on the clean up crew and Go For It crew -- no wonder I am tired when we get home I am moving constantly when we are out there.

Luckily the Creation Station gives me energy when I go in there, here is what I worked on this weekend a little basket of bunnies! They are so easy and turned out so cute! I have a darker fabric that I am going to work on too I have them traced just not sewed up yet. Hopefully I can work on them this morning.
They just warm you up a bit don't they?
Well tonight is an important night in our house, it is the season Finale of the Bacholer! I am hoping Melissa is his pick, but what a night it will be Deanna shows up and then the After the Rose Ceremony show. I was never hooked on these shows, til I saw Deanna get dumped by Brad and then I watched all last season to see who she picked and WOW she pick WRONG! And now Jason her Dumpee is the Bacholer.
I have some embrodiery to do during the 3 hour show, in case it gets a bit boring, but somehow I think I won't have time to work on my project.
I hope you have a great day!


Sara said...

Oh, Dorothy, I opened my mail and found the lovely pattern card you sent me. Can't wait to make it. Thank you again!

This darn flu has me so under the bus that I can't even think straight.

Oh, I hope he picks Melissa - I like her so much better than Molly. In the beginning I was for either Melissa or Jillian - the minute I saw them...I was disappointed when he sent Jillian home...

I'm going to try and knit while I watch the entire 3 hours...

Isabella said...

OH, I just love your little bunnies!
Can you tell me the name of the pattern and hopefully I can get it here in Tassie Aust.