Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am done with the Bacholer

WOW, what a night for TV. I was so thrilled when Jason (the Bacholer) picked Melissa, I thought they were perfect! I was so happy for them and then in about 15 minutes when he dumped her at the After the Rose Ceremony show, I was shocked and then he asked Molly to date him. I think this show needs to be pulled, they are messing with too many peoples minds and feelings. First Brad picked no one, then Deanna picked the wrong one as she admitted last night and now Jason picked the wrong one but know wants the right one. Let's be honest the only couple that survived is Trista and Ryan. You have to think what is wrong with these people, there is not an ugly one in the bunch, so why can't they find mates in their hometowns? Makes you wonder doesn't it!
Oh well that is just my thoughts on this silly show.
I got no sewing done last night.
Hope to get some sewing done today, I am going with DH to put up drywall at my parents old house today.
Have a great day!


Jackie said...

Kind of weird wasn't it? There is a follow up "After the Final Rose" tonight. I was a little grossed out by all the hugging and kissing 15 minutes after he dumped Melissa.

Sara said...

It so ticked me off!

#1 - If you carefully watched last night's show - there was much more of a connection with Molly. (I wanted Melissa from the beginning and was still concerned that he was going to send her backing and pick Molly)

2) - The sudden PDA after dumping Melissa could have waited for a private time - not a place where Melissa is going to see it.

3) - None of the bachelors have married any of the girls...the only one to marry was Trista and she was the Bachelorette!

4) - Time to drop the show!