Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Day??? Or Snow Day??

Hi There!
Well Spring started 1 week ago and between last night and this morning we got about 4 inches of snow -- Crazy weather, alot of it has already melted this picture was taken early this morning.

See the bird feeders, well today Hubby and I were in the dining room wich overlooks the feeders and BAM a little bird slammed into the patio door, I looked out and he was laying face down in the snow, I thought he was dead. So sad, so I went out to pick him up and he was BREATHING! So I picked him up and cuddled him in my gloves and he was very tame, hubby said bring him in -- well we have 2 dogs and a cat -- not the place I would want to be if I was recovering from a head injury and was a bird, so finally hubby coralled the dogs and I brought him in -- cause hubby said if he could fly he would, well as soon as I brought him in and put him on a towel on the table, he COULD FLY! Around the dining room he went, OK so I caught him and took him outside to the feeder and he sat there for about 30 minutes I think he was regrouping from the entire adventure. I went out to check on him and pet him and he decided he was well enough to fly away! So I was so happy he is OK!

I was helping out at a company my sister in law works at last week and she had a craft lunch planned so I got to participate! She had made these little hats out of styrofoam cups, she put them in a 220 oven for a few minutes, you have to watch them otherwise they melt -- once they are cool you paint and decorate them! What fun -- then you either purchase an Easter tree or make one out of an old tree branch, I was lucky enough to have this tree in my basement and today I put my hats on it! I just love it!
Was too busy working and helping hubby with the reconstruction of my parents old house this week to blog, but I had a little time today.
I did have time to stitch both block 2 and 3 of the Gail Pan design quilt this week.
I hope you had a great week!
Happy Stitches

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