Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from the Retreat!


I am back from a weekend with the girls at our get-a-way! We go in late Jan and then again in July - this time there was 7 and we had such a great time!!

I did want to first show you this barbeque grill, that I talked about in my last post. Here it is. I just smile when I look at it! I am sure some of the neighbors don't appreciate it, but I love it!!

I did have a very busy weekend, this is the Mystery Quilt that I was doing at the LQS as the monthly BOM. I had most of the blocks sewn, I needed to make 10 blocks and assemble. I was up til 2:30 Saturday night putting it together. I just love the pink and brown, I was off today and hunted for a border, I want a pink with brown border but found nothing suitable, I am sure I will find something and get this one finished up.

This is something I actually finished, I needed to complete the binding and put on the buttons - I started this about 12 years ago! But it is finally done and will put hanging in our guest room.

This is something else I finished up on the retreat, I need to send it to the quilters, it was a New Years Eve Mystery that I started in 2007 - I had the blocks done, just need to work on the sashings and assemble, so glad it is this far. I almost did not get it done, I was missing 6 inches for the border, so I had to piece it. But I know I had the fabric prior to 2007 so piecing worked just fine for me and once it is quilted you will never see the seam.

OH and I also wanted to show you the new addition to our yard, It is a redbud tree and it might be small but in a few years it will be very pretty. I look forward to looking at it's flowers every spring.

I still need to complete the circle and add the mulch, but it is in the 90's this week and last week, so watering is plenty to do here, before I got to work and be outside all day!

Hope your having a good night!
Happy Stitches!

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Trish said...

I really like your little dress quilt. Could you tell me who designed the pattern? I would love to make one. Thanks so much!