Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Off on Vacation!


Just to let you know hubby and I and our dogs are off Wed morning to Kansas City KS for some quilt shop hopping and some barbeque. We will return on Saturday -- I hope I have get lots of neat ideas and fabrics along the way!

I am taking some embrodiery with me and a book!

Happy stitches!
Talk to you Sunday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sew In Results

Happy Sunday Morning

Well I did not get as much done as I hoped for on Friday night, I got all my nine patches done for my Schnibbles and then laid it out only to find out I did not have enough of the blue for the star points that I wanted to use. So yesterday when I was at the BOM I picked up another piece of what I wanted for the points. So I can get this done later today. It is a patriotic theme. I think it will be great when it is done.

I did get my notebook cover completed. I just love this chicken panel. So I did finish something.
Yesterday afternoon and for about 4 hours today I am working at the local home and garden expo. Nice to see alot of our customers from last year. Of course it was the first day of Spring here in Northern IL and it SNOWED all day, I mean all day, but it was the perfect snow, it only measured up on the grass. Since it was so warm during the week (in the 60's) I think the sidewalk and driveways were immune to it, and the tempeture yesterday was between 30 and 34 so it melted quickly. Today it is going to rain all day. Wonderful! I will be happy to be at the show and then come home and sew.
Do something fun today!
Happy Stitches

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sewin Tonight and Easter Decorations


Are you ready for the Friday Night Sew in? I am -- I need to cover this notebook for tomorrows BOM -- I have this chicken panel that will be so cool on the front. That is project 1.

Then I am going to sew up Cindy Lou Who Schnibbles in patriotic -- I think that will make a great table topper. It is cut and just waiting.

Yesterday I thought, gosh there are only a few weeks til Easter and I better enjoy my Easter things, so I put up my little embrodiered basket mini - you see it when you walk in the front door.

Then I have this WILD and CRAZY WABBIT -- it is so bold and happy looking he is on the wall near the door.
I love his whiskers!

Then I have this from over 10 years ago but he is one of my favorites, it is all raw edge applique he hangs right next to the front door. He looks like a delicous chocolate bunny!

Well I have some phone calls to make for work and then help hubby in the garage and then hopefully want to start my sew in a bit early tonight, I think "night" will start around 4 today!
Happy Stitches!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Link to a great giveaway!

Hurry over to www.freshcutquilts.blogspot.com

She is having an awesome giveaway!!

Happy Stitches...til tomorrow

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Top Of the Mornin' to you!

Are you dressed in Green today?

What a fun day, I am going to work for awhile today and then home for the corned beef and cabbage dinner. Hubby makes a great corned beef. My mom used to love this holiday, and made the best corned beef ever!

I have had a cold the beginning of the week, so I got nothing really done in the Creation Station. I think when I get home today I will get up there and get my stuff ready for the Friday night Sew In. Are you participating in that?

I have so many projects to pick from, that could take up most of the afternoon.

Well have a wonderful day
Happy Stitches

Monday, March 15, 2010

What did you do this Weekend?

Good Morning!

Well the weather was typical Northern IL spring weather, rain, wind and cold! So hubby was bored with sitting inside so I suggested a trip to a quilt shop about an hour away, he said OK, see I told you he was bored!

So we headed to the Quilters Destination! It is a nice job, lots of goodies inside. I only purchased a couple of patterns and a Easter book that was on sale. It was just nice to see something new and different. And with hubby there, time is limited. But I was glad to be able to go to the store.

Next on the trip was a Goodwill store, this just happened to be there! Sure sign of the times, they had 5 registers going and a line at each one, I thought I was at Walmart for a minute!
I got a chocolate fountain there! Can't wait til the next 1st Thursday of the month to try it out.

They we drove about 1 more hour to one of hubbys favorite places to eat, the Fish Keg and have some Fish chips, this place has been around for years! But they make the best fish chips.

Then we headed home and got back around 7 Saturday night. So I then went up to the Creation Station and whipped up this St Pattys Day tablerunner. Quick and easy but I needed a tabletopper for St Patty's day and had the fabric, so now I have something done and less fabric in the closet:)

And yesterday we went to play Bingo, but did not win, still fun but maybe next time.
Today I am cleaning a bit and then off to the creation station to try some of my new patterns out. Hubby is on Jury Duty so I have probably a good part of the day to accomplish something!
Hope you had a great weekend
happy stitches

Friday, March 12, 2010

BOM Blocks Complete :)

Hi !

How have you been?

Me we have been busy and our computer had a little virus -- a 24 hour thing -- it was broke and it took hubby about 24 hours to fix it. But the good news it --it is all better and is going faster than before.

I told you about the BOM at the quilt shop -- here is the color copy of the pattern. I just love this civil war fabric.

And here are the first 2 blocks complete! One is 18 inches and the other is 12 inches. This should be an interesting project, the blocks were a little challenging, and I loved that. I have done some easier projects, so a challenge is good for the brain.

Only a few more weeks til I go back to the garden center, so I am clearing off my cutting table in the sewing room and seeing what I need to get done before life gets crazy.

Good News -- I saw the first robin of the season on Sunday and she must have sent a text to all of her friends because since Wednesday they are everywhere! Everywhere I look I see at least one. A sure sign of spring, it has been 60 yesterday and the day before, but today it is only about 48 so a good day to stay in and sew, and rain will be here tomorrow. Again not so bad a good day to sew.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winter Picnic Results and Baby Shower

Good Morning!

We had a great time at the winter picnic yesterday, I tried to load more photos but I must be at the days limit. So tomorrow I will add some more. In my First Thursday group we are swapping these scrappy blocks, you basically take a 6 inch square cut it diagonally and add a 1 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch strip down the center. This pattern was in a magazine last summer, a fantastic way to use up some scraps. I needed to make 192 more blocks and yesterday between the picnic and about 1 hour after I got home I GOT THEM ALL DONE!! We exchange 64 blocks a month and have 3 months left, so I am thankful I am done with this project. Here is a photo of some, they are scrappy.

Today I am off to my favorite nieces baby shower, it is her first baby and we know it is a girl.
I got these cute little booties at a craft show last fall.

This is a not a great picture, but I made a a burp cloth and receiving blanket - the blanket was so easy you just sew 2 pieces of flannel together 36 inch squares, and add a decorative stitch on the edge, simple fast and cute!

Here is the quilt I made for her....I hope she likes it.

This was a panel I had quilted and I thought it might be cute for spring for her when she takes the baby out.

I did cut out my Civil War BOM but did not get that done, I hope to get it finished before I go this morning. I am not sure of the name of the BOM I will find that out but it is from Marcus Brothers.
Well I hope whatever you do today is fun!
Happy Stitches

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winter Picnic Day

Good Morning

I am off today with 5 friends to go to a Quilting Winter Picnic. A guild about an hour from here is hosting it. A couple of my friends belong to the guild, and they were able to invite guests. I am really looking forward to it. I have my scrappy blocks to sew up today. I promise tomorrow will be full of pictures!
Busy week this week, new phone, got the muffler replaced on my truck, vet appointments, Hubby Dr appointments, ordered new glasses and started a new block of the month.
Off to get ready!
Happy Stitches

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor!

I am a huge fan of the bachelor show -- I was pulling for Ali last night, hoping she would somehow get invited to the finale. But no such luck, that Vienna won Jakes heart. I am not a fan of Vienna at all. But hopefully it will work for them.
I am excited that Ali is going to be the new bachelorette! I can't wait til her show in May.

I am headed up to the sewing room tonight, need to get something done.

Take care
Happy Stitches!