Friday, March 12, 2010

BOM Blocks Complete :)

Hi !

How have you been?

Me we have been busy and our computer had a little virus -- a 24 hour thing -- it was broke and it took hubby about 24 hours to fix it. But the good news it --it is all better and is going faster than before.

I told you about the BOM at the quilt shop -- here is the color copy of the pattern. I just love this civil war fabric.

And here are the first 2 blocks complete! One is 18 inches and the other is 12 inches. This should be an interesting project, the blocks were a little challenging, and I loved that. I have done some easier projects, so a challenge is good for the brain.

Only a few more weeks til I go back to the garden center, so I am clearing off my cutting table in the sewing room and seeing what I need to get done before life gets crazy.

Good News -- I saw the first robin of the season on Sunday and she must have sent a text to all of her friends because since Wednesday they are everywhere! Everywhere I look I see at least one. A sure sign of spring, it has been 60 yesterday and the day before, but today it is only about 48 so a good day to stay in and sew, and rain will be here tomorrow. Again not so bad a good day to sew.

Happy Friday!

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