Monday, March 15, 2010

What did you do this Weekend?

Good Morning!

Well the weather was typical Northern IL spring weather, rain, wind and cold! So hubby was bored with sitting inside so I suggested a trip to a quilt shop about an hour away, he said OK, see I told you he was bored!

So we headed to the Quilters Destination! It is a nice job, lots of goodies inside. I only purchased a couple of patterns and a Easter book that was on sale. It was just nice to see something new and different. And with hubby there, time is limited. But I was glad to be able to go to the store.

Next on the trip was a Goodwill store, this just happened to be there! Sure sign of the times, they had 5 registers going and a line at each one, I thought I was at Walmart for a minute!
I got a chocolate fountain there! Can't wait til the next 1st Thursday of the month to try it out.

They we drove about 1 more hour to one of hubbys favorite places to eat, the Fish Keg and have some Fish chips, this place has been around for years! But they make the best fish chips.

Then we headed home and got back around 7 Saturday night. So I then went up to the Creation Station and whipped up this St Pattys Day tablerunner. Quick and easy but I needed a tabletopper for St Patty's day and had the fabric, so now I have something done and less fabric in the closet:)

And yesterday we went to play Bingo, but did not win, still fun but maybe next time.
Today I am cleaning a bit and then off to the creation station to try some of my new patterns out. Hubby is on Jury Duty so I have probably a good part of the day to accomplish something!
Hope you had a great weekend
happy stitches

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