Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Good Morning

Here is a photo from yesterday morning when my sweet little Downy Woodpecker stopped by for breakfast, he tweets if there is no suet -- such a cutie. I also have a Red Headed woodpecker, blue jays and a pair of Cardinals that stop by, along with nuthatches, finches and dark eyed juncos. They put on quite a show, especially in the winter.
Yesterday we got 12 inches of snow, quite a surprise, when the day started out with only flurries in the forecast! And today more "FLURRIES" - when I checked the doppler it seems that we might have more than "Flurries" -- I sure wish I was a weatherman -- the only job I know of where you can me wrong alot and still make mega bucks!! Only in America!
Since we were housebound yesterday, I cleared out over 200 magazines from my sewing room! And I am still working on that project today -- Really trying to get that room in very good order by NewYears! I am going thru each magazine, if there are 3 or more projects I might do I keep the entrie magazine, if not, I scan the patterns I want and I will recycle the other magazines at my garage sale this year and then at craft camp. A perfect winter day project.
Then last night we watched 4 Christmases -- very cute movie and I started to crochet a scarf, I found a box of yarn in my sewing room closet so I thought I would make up scarfs for the Winter Clothing Drive we have in town each December. I noticed the price tag on the yarn it was on clearance at Walmart in 2004 for 70 cents! So it will be good to use it up, help someone in need and clear out another box of stuff!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy Stitches

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Quilty bird said...

I like your photo. We have squirrels and blue jays that come for peanuts on the back deck. The jays squawk and the squirrels practically knock on the door if there's nothing out for them.