Saturday, December 5, 2009

Are you decorated Yet?

Good Morning

Last weekend we did the decorating thing. We have 4 trees up, don't get excited, we have 1 7 footer, with just all the ornaments you can imagine, a 3 Ft with all Cubs stuff and a cubs tree skirt, a 3ft with all quilting ornaments and that is in the creation station, and a 4 foot tree in the bedroom with ornaments that are "extra" from the big tree. Also got all the outside decroated and yesterday I had a terrific find, I was wanting some evergreen pieces for my flower boxes on the front porch, as I going to the animal shelter to deliver some pet beds, there on the side of the road were pieces from a tree -- Just what I was looking for. I pulled over and loaded them into the truck! YIPPPEE!! When I got home I cut them and they are perfect in the flower boxes, today I will add red bows and everything will be done!!
This is the last day of the Craft Walk in my town, then I will put everything on Etsy tonight.
Now on to clean the creation station and the bedrooms, we need to go thru some stuff, doesn't everyone! I cleaned out the hall closet yesterday - it was coat, hat and mitten drive yesterday - so I washed 4 coats and 4 hats and 4 scarfs all in great condition and took them to the collection spot yesterday afternoon! And the best part is my closet is clean and I feel good about it. Also got a box of stuff for my garage sale in the spring.
Well off to get busy
Have a great day

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