Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Decor and more

I promised to show a picture of the outside of our house decorated -- here it is. Luckily we got about 7 inches of snow, but along with that came wind chills -20. That has tapered off now and we are back to 20 - 30 degree weather. Not so bad after that sub zero. So here it is all ready for Christmas!

I like to get some things for Toys for Tots, but this year things are pretty tight, so I had these 4 doll bodies all done, they just needed dresses -- so yesterday I made their dresses and put on their hair, then they needed bloomers, got that done and delivered to my friend who's husband is a Toys for Tots volunteer, I guess this year - they are really in need of toys - lots of kids that have parents out of work I would suspect, the economy is really rough.

My final thought today is my thrift shop find -- she is ADORABLE! She is made from an old quilt, I would think in the 20's and she is so well made, she stands on a wood stand and they even covered the tube she is on with muslin. I just love her -- she is going to have a place of honor in our home this Christmas. I just don't know how anyone could give her up -- but I am glad she found us. I have to think of name for her, I am leading towards Caroline -- I think that is the name of the blocks on her quilt -- I need to check that out. I am going to change her ribbons to a green that matches better and give her a smile.
Oh you are thinking what did I pay for this priceless gem. Well she was marked $3.45 but Christmas was 1/2 price today -- CHA CHING $1.72 -- I am thrilled beyond words,

Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Happy Stitches

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