Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Catching up

Good Morning!

How have you been doing?  We have been so busy and the time is flying by, soon it will be fall and we will wonder where summer has gone.

My daisys have been blooming so much this summer, I found this camp coffee pot at a garage sale and the inside is noting I would make coffee in, so it makes a great flower holder at the front door.
Amazing what you can do with something that only costs 50 cents, that was all the little coffee pot costs, I already drilled a hole in the bottom, so next year I am planting in it.   You ask how the water stays in to keep the daisys looking good, a water bottle works great!

Dear Hubby celebrated anoher birthday a week ago and he loves Spiderman so I decorated this cake for hi with some Spiderman items we had on hand.  I did not make a cake, Dear Hubby sister was not feeling well so he thought he might have to go and spend the night at her house that night, so I did the next best thing, I bought a yummy cake: )

Been working on lots of projects for the flea market / craft show I will be participating in next month.  Dear Hubby got this doll high chair at a garage sale for $1 -- the legs were wobbly -- I took the legs off and put them back on further apart and no more wobble.

Painted it pink and made cushions for it and I think it will sell at the show.  This would be a great gift for a little girl.  I am also working on some doll beds.   Such fun working on something a little different then my usual quilting projects.

Don't worry I am still sewing!   I finished 7 table runners this week and this UFO - It is from the Thimbleberrie line Sangria Splash -- I think that was in 2007  -- well in 2013 it is completed!  Just finished the binding last night.  I have one more back from my long arm friend that needs to be bound, I will start on that tonight.  I am really making a dent in my UFO's this year, it sure does feel good. And I was thinking as I was binding last night, I have started less than I normally do in the year -- and that is because my UFO's are keeping me busy.  I think if I work this hard at my UFO's next year - I will have a better handle on them and it would be so  nice to empty most of my shelfs of UFO's and use that cabinet for something else, like maybe the fabric that is accumulating on the floor!! LOL 
I hope your summer is going well -- enjoy it will be winter before we know it!
Happy Stitches!

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Kendra said...

The chair does look cute. I am sure it will sell this weekend...heck you may get them both sold and people will want more of them!
Your UFO looks nice!