Sunday, August 4, 2013

August already!?!?


So what have you been up to?   I can't believe it is August already?  Where is the summer going. I thought since I now work for a commercial landscaper it would not be so busy in the summer -- BOY was I WRONG!  It has been super busy.  But I have had some time to do so canning, sewing and shopping -- so let me show  you what I have been up to.....

I made some Cherry jam -- mmmm it is good :)    

Just yesterday I made Blueberry jam -- need to label the jars

And I also made corn relish -- this is so good with chips -- and a great treat in the winter when fresh corn is no wheres to be had.

Then I had an order for a flannel baby quilt -- this one was picked up on Saturday -- so sweet and so soft  - This one was so sweet.

 The quilt above is for my niece, she just has a baby last month.  I just mailed it this week, hope she like it -- she did not want the traditional pink for a girl, this was hard to make as I just love pink.

And then I had some orders for my planter chairs, here is one I  completed and delivered last month.

And in between canning, painting, and quilting, I found time to work and putter around the yard too!

Today we went to a huge flea market about an hour from us and Dear Hubby just fell in love with this sleeping hippo -- don't you love his smile -- so he came home with us and is sleeping next to the fountain int he front yard.

And this is who took us to the flea market today - Yes Poochie went to and enjoyed every minute of the adventure!

Happy Stitches!

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Kendra said...

Oh what fun, love the hippo! All of your projects are looking good too!
Drive careful Poochie, my oldest starts drivers ed in two weeks!