Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap up


Did you have a good weekend?  Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!  We ended up staying home Dear Hubby was not feeling good at all - he has an upper respiratory infection. 

I had a very productive weekend  -- I decided to work on Bonnie from Quiltville newest mystery Easy Street -- here are the fabrics I picked out -- she is using gray where I am using the yellow -- I like a little cheery quilt and I am pink instead of torquoise.  I think I will be happy with this quilt, I love all my fabrics.  

Here is part of part 1 -- we need 192 4 patches and I have almost 100 done and the strips sewn together for the additional 4 patches I need to make.  -- I like it so far -- we get a new clue every Friday -- should be fun!

I did alot of decorating -- and cleaning -- here is my little gingerbread house village -- my mom and I made the 2 on the ends -- they are unfinshed bird houses -- she painted them and we glue on all the decorations.  I have added some other items like the cone trees - and I need to make a runner for it to be on.


Here is my gingerbread tree -- it is a 4 foot tree and it is in the dining room -- full of gingerbread people -- I just love it.

Here is my Christmas Village this is just the center of it, I could not get a good photo of the entire village -- it is in our entry way.  I just love looking at it and making my story -- this  year there are 2 ladies on a bench quilting outside the quilt shop -- such a story I can create about them.  It is nice to use your imagination.


 I did go shopping at 4:30 on Black Friday -- I made several stops and got everything on my list and saved so much money -- here is my best deal $47.99 for 82 piece Onieda silverware set at Kohls -- they say it would sell for $159.99 -- I don't really think so  -- but not only did I get the great price, I got $5 off with a coupon and 15% off with another coupon and I am so happy with it -- our silverware really has become so mismatched over the years and this looks so nice in my clean drawer!

  And of course it is the House Walk in my town - starting Thursday and I am going to have my items on display at a friends house.  Here is something I finished up this weekend -- Love those faces.

And I decided to make some stocking stuffer type items, these are decorated Hersey Bars -- I saw something like it on Pinterest.  So I got these done this afternoon.

I did get our big tree up also and all the fall stuff in the basement and the outdoor Christmas decorations up too!  Dear Hubby finally felt better on Saturday so we did go out to dinner -- it was nice to go out - and so happy he is feeling better.

Tomorrow it is back to work - next 4 day weekend in 4 weeks!

Happy Stitches


Candace said...

Looks like you're ready for Christmas at your house, it all looks beautiful. I'm using pink and yellow too, but my other colors are different, brown, ivory, and white with blue. It'll be interesting to see how similar they end up.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Aren't you a busy little elf? I love it and I can't wait to see the pink in that quilt!

Quirky Quilter said...

Lovely fabrics. Nice start on Easy Street. The ginger bread houses are really sweet.

Anonymous said...

So fun! Love the Holiday decorations and those cookies look very yummy on your header page! :-)

Love your colors, I can't wait to see how it all works together. Happy Quilting

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to step 2 of the mystery. Fun fun fun. I LOVE your birdhouse gingerbread town - gorgeous.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Love all your little projects! I haven't even started getting ready for Christmas yet.

Crystal Medley said...

Nice work, with All your projects. I got step one done, and am excited for Friday, like a kid in a Candy Store, we are going to have fun with this. Have a good week, I got my tree up to sew now doing Tshirt quilt for DGS, with all his little league tees.

JoAnne said...

I like the fabrics, especially the yellow that you chose for Easy Street. I see that you are a Schnibbler, too! So am I. I'm your newest follower.

sewnsew said...

love your colors, will be a cheerful quilt. Love your Christmas deco. Haven't done any yet.