Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friday Night Sew in and Saturday's Card party

Good Morning

WOW it is has been awhile since I have blogged!  Lots going on -- Last Saturday my Sister in Law in Wisconsin had a Card Making party -- I went with my other sister in law who lives about 1 hour away from me and then off to Wisconsin we went!   We had a blast!  Here are the cards I made -- Leslie (my sister in law who had the party) PRECUT everything we needed.  That was so AWESOME!  We made 10 cards 2 of each you see here and then she even had a few more pre cut so we will be making those on Thanksgiving when get together with more of the family in Iowa.     

Last Sunday I was in a a craft show at the local high school -- it is one of my favorites to do -- I split the booth with one of my friends and it is non stop people that I know all day long  -- fun to catch up with everyone.

This past week, the computers at work were barely working so it made for a long week, and Dear Hubby was celebrating his first week of work off for the winter by starting to clean the garage -- organizing his tool bench winterizing the tractor, the edger and rototiller and Saturday was my day to help him clean it out -- we started at 6:30 AM yesterday and finished up at 4:30 yesterday afternoon -- we moved everything out -- swept and vacuumed -- yes vacuumed the garage -- Dear Hubby has a shop type vac that he just got and it mounts on the wall with a huge hose so he was in hog heaven using his new vac!  We pitched a ton of stuff that no longer works and rearranged  so after trash day I can park my truck in the garage for the winter -- that will make life a lot easier this winter - no more scrapping!

Friday night was Friday Night Sew in and I headed to Quilting Moms house -- she is one of my best friends moms and she is an extraordinary quilter - and my friend goes to her moms every Friday for dinner and sewing, so I was lucky enough to be able to join them on Friday night -- I need to go more often,  because it was a blast and certainly the right thing to do, since I was going to be helping in the garage all day Saturday!

So here is what I accomplished -- in between eating and laughing and talking -- The Bee in Your Bonnet Row 6 -- I only have 3 rows done so far -- I am doing them in no particular order as you can tell.  I was just happy to get a row done -- well almost done I have to add the top and bottom white fabric to it.

Then last night Dear Hubby and I ran some errands and of course we stopped at JoAnns -- he was THRILLED!! LOL - and I bought some white tulle -- I am going to make a wreath today -- I saw some at a craft show awhile back and have been thinking about making some -- so today is the day!  But I have another story while at JoAnns -- this lady in front of me in line had a bill of $85 the clerk asked her is she had any coupons for some reason this lady as nice as she was must have just landed her from Mars -- because she had NO Coupons -- I know how crazy is that -- well I happen to have 2 flyers and my bill was not going to be that much so I said -- I have a $15 coupon if you would like to use it -- she was so thrilled to save $15  -- and it sure made me feel good to help someone.
 Happy Stitches!

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