Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Fest!


This weekend in a nearby town, it is Pumpkin Fest Weekend, they have hundreds of pumpkins lined up on the courthouse lawn and lots of food booths and activities and today is a 3 hour parade, I would love to go to the parade, but as Dear Hubby reminded me, and miss football? Really I don't know what I was thinking! One year when my mom was still with us, they decided it would be ok to go to the parade, I made Halloween Fleece blankets for all of us and I was so EXCITED! Well we got there got our spots and about an hour into it the whining started, so I gave up and we returned home, where football was on the TV and they both fell asleep, so every year I say, it sure would be nice to go to the parade and every year I hear the same thing, call your girl friends and have fun! And of course every year it is cold and this year was no exception, we went to look at the pumpkins early this morning and the wind was whipping around and then right after we left the rain started. So not a great day for a parade, but one day it will be and I will enjoy the entire parade :)

I wanted to share with you some of the pumpkins that we saw today....really some folks have great imagination.

These are 2 little pumpkins Mr and Mrs in the bath tub, complete with gold faucet (gourds)

This one just made me smile, I love Penguins and he is just adorable!

This guy was life size and he represents the Lions Club (who hosts this event every year) and the pumpkin head Lion is on a Scooter, really creative.

This one of course is adorable, a dalmatian pumpkin with 50 (it is the 50th year of the fest) little dalmatians

And this is really fantastic, a pumpkin riding an old fashion bike!
Such creativity!

You can click on each picture to see a larger view if you would like to.

I have been cleaning my sewing room alot this week and getting ready for Halloween, wich is tomorrow I can not believe it. I will be back tomorrow with some quilty/crafty photos, finally got the camera memory extended, so I have about 1650 more photos to take before it will be full again!

Happy Haunting and Stitching!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew In - Results

Good Morning!

Well how did your FNSI go? Mine not so great - I only managed to get this dish cloth completed, and picked out some fabric for a BOM.

I did have a garage sale on Friday and again today, so while I was working the garage sale, I manged to clean the gardens on both sides of the house, the front of the house and around the fountain. I also planted a few new perennials for next year.

By the time I got in, Dear Hubby got home from work, watched TV with Dear Hubby and all I got this done, I was done for the day!

Hope you got more done than me!
Happy Stitches

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Hello! I have been off most of the week, I have camera issues so I have not been able to get any photos loaded, hoping to get that resolved soon!

I have been cleaning and organizing this week, I am having a garage sale Fri and Sat this week. I thought I wonder how much I can gather together, well at about Noon today, I realized I have every table in the garage filled! Still am gathering stuff but some of the stuff will be moved out to the driveway in the morning so not to worry, keep gathering I tell myself.

I am going to participate in the Friday Night Sew In tomorrow night, I need to sew!! I think I am going to just work on some BOM I need to catch up on, but I am really looking forward to getting up there and sewing.

If you want to join the Friday Night Sew In - just click the link on my sidebar and join in the fun!

See you at the Sew In!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cutting today

Good Morning

The weather here is FANTASTIC! Are you going to be sewing along with Kelly over at Charming Chatter? I am - we just got our cutting instructions, so I will be cutting out my quilt today.

Just click on the side bar Studly and the Mrs Quilt along and it will take you right to the cutting instructions.

And maybe planting a few plants - I got some great $1 perennials and want to get them in the ground today or tomorrow.

Happy Stitches

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Sew Along


I just was over at Charming Chatter and she is starting a new Sew Along-- perfect - soon I will be off for the winter and I will have lots of time to sew. Click on the link to the right and play along!

Happy Stitches!

September Le Petite Project

Good Morning!

Le Petite Project this month was your choice. I made this Schnibbles pattern called Scratch from the book Schnibbles Times Two. I made this top from the Amelia charm packs I won a couple months back.

Hope you have been well, I have been super busy getting ready for a craft show that was last Thursday, I did fairly well till the rain and wind came. Even though I had an indoor booth, the customers took off after the storm, there were many outdoor booths in tents that we in just plain mud after the storm.
Off to work, a few more weeks and then I will be home sewing most of the winter.
Happy Stitches