Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept 1st!

Good Morning
Can you believe it is Sept 1st already~! WOW time is flying. I tried to finish up some things in August, got a couple of things complete, I will post pictures later this week. But of course as most quilters do I started a few new projects! My friend Susan gave me this little Witch Towel kit and I got it done the very next day -- so cute!

At work I have been making scarecrows, and this is my favorite, it is a little girls overalls and I put the pumpkin applique on the front. She is about 3 feet tall and just adorable.

I also did get caught up on my row quilt and our quilt group gets together on Thursday, so I did this just in the nick of time!
I am off to work
Have a great day!

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Linda B said...

Cute towel! I'm also a avid scarecrow maker. I usually have them all over the farm in the fall, but with our trip to Peru, I'm holding off for this year. They are all sitting up in my hayloft, waiting, waiting. . . .