Monday, August 24, 2009

What's New?

Good Morning

I have finally got the creation station cleaned once again!! YIPPEE!! So this morning I made a simple tablerunner called Nifty Nines, the top is done tonight I can quilt it and then bind it. Fells good to be back in the ol sewing room!
I also rec'd the name of person who I am making the friendship bag for in the swap -- see the sidebar of my blog. Fantastic, she loves fall too! So that will make it very easy to make a bag for her. I will probably start on that this week. Weather is cool here so it is good sewing weather. Tomorrow it should be the last 85+ day and then the next ten days look cool, fall is right around the corner.
Sorry no pictures today. Off to work!
Happy stitches


Sara said...

I keep thinking it is going to get cool here and I can head for the sewing such luck....

Julie said...
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